Immerse yourself in the city

What better way to immerse yourself in the city than by discovering it for yourself? At Exploring York we offer three exciting and energetic Treasure Hunt packages, allowing you to quest through the city in teams and discover York’s splendour and secrets. Exploring York treasure hunts are managed by an experienced event co-ordinator, allowing you to focus on competing against your friends or colleagues in a race against time! 

Pub Hunt

York has a huge variety of ale houses, haunted pubs, medieval inns and modern bars. Our Pub Hunt package will guide your teams on a journey to some of the most historic ale houses in the city. This package includes York pub quiz questions and related tasks to complete, making time for a tipple or two of York’s superb selection of real ales. Most suitable as an evening hunt.
Fully managed

Chocolate Hunt

York’s close association with chocolate will be uncovered in this deliciously designed treasure hunt package.
Teams will compete to answer questions relating to York’s Chocolate manufacturers, their brands and the locations that were important in their growth. Includes chocolate related tasks. Most suitable as a daytime hunt.
Fully managed

City Experience Hunt

Quest around the city’s most renowned landmarks and sights, quizzing and puzzling amongst York’s quirky street names, churches and historic pubs as you go. This treasure hunt package is designed to showcase York’s best bits in an exciting and energetic way. Most suitable as a daytime hunt.
Fully managed

Each Hunt is managed by an experienced Event Co-ordinator

A treasure hunt fully managed by an Event Co-ordinator

Our  Hunt packages are ideal for groups looking for a competitive event.  Explore the city independently but with a professional event- coordinator to make things run smoothly.   Enjoy an entertaining experience, questing through York. This package is recommended for teams of 3 to 4. Included in the package are:

  • A full briefing before you begin by an experienced Exploring York tour guide.
  • Hunt York booklets for each team
  • A suspense filled and humorous debriefing as the hunt concludes.
  • Certificates for members of the winning team
  • A prize of a selection of Yorkshire beers/chocolates, or a bottle of Champagne.

Recommended maximum number of teams: 10. 
Team size: 3 – 4 people
Duration: 2 – 3 hours
Price: £149.99 (includes 2 teams) + £49.99 per additional team

Please note that discounts for larger groups who require more than 10 teams are available on booking.

Personalised hunts

For those of you booking Hunt York packages to celebrate special occasions or for work purposes, we offer the option to personalise your package. Please send us any two pieces of information that we can incorporate into your hunt.

Examples, but not limited to:
Retirement hunt  - Retiree’s proudest moment and hobby
Corporate Hunt -  Job role of the delegates and latest product/service release
Hen hunt – Most embarrassing moment and favourite film or tv programme.

Hunt York FAQ

Where does the Hunt start?
The hunts have no set route, meaning that you pick the starting and finishing location. All teams must start from the same location at the same time. 

Do the teams move around the city together or separately?
The Hunt York packs given to each team are identical.  However, there is no set way of following the packs during the hunt. This means that teams will be questing all over the city answering questions in the order they find best suits them. 

What happens when a team has finished working through the Hunt York pack?
Most treasure hunts finish at a cosy pub or swanky bar, the name of which will be contained in the hunt packs.

Do the Hunt York packages have to finish in a bar or pub?
Student tours will finish at a public area at your hotel.  Corporate tours can also finish at a hotel conference room if this better suits your schedule.

Is the Hunt York package suitable for children?
Hunt York packages are suitable for anybody over the age of 12.

Does the City Hunt include entrance into the Minster?
Unfortunately not! Unless you want a telling off by the Minster Police! 

Can the Pub Hunt take place in the evening?
Certainly. They are even more fun in the evening. This hunt is most suitable as an evening activity.

Are any of the Hunt York packages accessible for wheelchair users?
The answers to the majority of questions and tasks are located in areas fully accessible to wheelchair users.

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